New Therapy Gym and Child Day Care Center Approved

We have had another great month! We are all very excited that the Board approved a new State of the Art Therapy Gym for our residents and the community and a Child Day Care Center for staff to be built in our walk out basement. We plan of having the best therapy gym in the Lake Area which will also be available for outpatient therapy. The Day Care Center will be a huge benefit for staff which will help us to be able to retain our staff by allowing them to be able to see their children on breaks and during lunch time as well. This will also allow us to provide it at a much more affordable rate. We are also excited that the children in the Day Care will be able to have interaction with our residents which will be a great benefit to the residents and the children. We will even have an outdoor play area for the children where the residents will be able to watch them play. We also plan on the Day Care being educational for the children. We have a goal to have both the Therapy Gym and Child Day Care up and running by the beginning of 2017. The Child Day Care will cover both day and evening shift hours and will also be available to our sister facility, Good Shepherd Care Center, in Versailles with The facility bus transporting between facilities. We have had a great year with the highest occupancy level in many years allowing us to do these special things.